Coconut Elephant Yoga is proud to offer private services geared toward relieving stress and pain and promoting healing and well-being.

Therapeutic Yoga with Mary Beth

Therapeutic Yoga can decrease stress, pain and disease-related symptoms through a combination of yoga poses, breathing exercises, meditation and lifestyle education. Click to learn more about our in-studio therapeutic yoga services.

Integrative Positional Therapy with Dan

Integrative Positional Therapy is a hands-on, gentle therapy for chronic pain relief that corrects the muscle imbalances that cause 80 percent of pain. Click to learn more about our in-studio IPT services.

Reiki with Joann

Reiki is a Japanese technique for relaxation, stress reduction and self healing in which a trained practitioner places their hands on or near the receiver’s body to promote health through mental, emotional and physical balance of one’s life force energy. Click to learn more about our in-studio reiki services.