Therapeutic Yoga

This process both educates and empowers individuals to make clinically proven, healthful, choices about work, nutrition, rest, relationships, movement and thoughts.

Step off the mat and into the world. Yoga is more than postures and breathing practices; it’s about self-discovery and exploration. Who are you really? Why do you do the things you do? How can you change what you want to change? How can you apply your personal yoga to daily life? Therapeutic yoga can help you find the answers.

What is therapeutic yoga?

A yoga therapist educates you and empowers you to make healthful choices about work, rest, relationships, movement and thoughts. Together, we will develop a customized practice of asana, breathing exercises and meditation that addresses your mind, body and spirit. We’ll work together to learn what causes stress and anxiety in your life and use proven tools and techniques to reduce stress, pain and disease-related symptoms so you can live a life of health and wellbeing.

Who does therapeutic yoga benefit?

Everyone who’s interested in deepening their self-care practice can benefit from therapeutic yoga. It’s also helpful if you’re experiencing negative effects of high stress or chronic pain or if you have a physical, mental or emotional diagnosis and are seeking tools to help you manage it.

What are the tools and techniques used to design an individualized therapeutic yoga practice?

Practices include movement through yoga poses, breathing exercises, meditation and lifestyle education.

What is the therapeutic yoga process?

The first session includes a 90-minute initial assessment that includes a discussion about your health concerns, personal history and lifestyle behaviors. We’ll work together to develop a goal to address your needs and concerns and to develop a plan for home practice. Our follow-up sessions will support you as your move toward realizing your personal goals.

How do I schedule a session?

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