Therapeutic Yoga for Small Groups

We offer small-group therapeutic yoga sessions for businesses, assisted living communities, hospitals and private medical practices as well as for schools. Sessions are designed for small groups and focus on empowering participants to make healthful choices.

Therapeutic Yoga for Businesses

Yoga and meditation can reduce the natural stress that results from the demands of a job. Reducing stress in your workspace improves morale and creates a healthier workforce, which in turn makes for a stronger business and increases profits. 

Therapeutic Yoga for Assisted Living Communities

Adults 55 years and older face age-related medical and social stresses. Therapeutic yoga can help this population by improving their sense of wellbeing by enabling them to feel more connected to themselves and to appreciate the important relationships in their lives. 

Yoga can minimize hypertension, which can lead to a reduced need for medication. It strengthens bones, slows bone thinning and increases balance. The combination of movement, breathing and meditation in yoga practice boosts mood and sharpens the mind. 

Therapeutic Yoga in Hospitals and Private Practice

Therapeutic yoga serves as a positive complement to traditional medical practices. It alleviates some of the mental, physical and emotional pain associated with healing and enables patients to better focus on their recovery. In addition to promoting good mood and calmness, physically strengthening the body and mind through therapeutic yoga can lead to increased organ function and glandular health, facilitate the healing of injured muscles, speed recovery, prevent re-injury and improve digestion.

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